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Recent Projects:

  • Penguin Satellite Research (IFAW and SABC 50/50)
  • Cheetah Diaries (Natural History Unit)
  • David Rattray documentary and Rattray Foundation corporate
  • AVI corporate
  • Helen Zille interview (Imaris media)
  • FW De Klerk interview
  • Canon TV Commercial in Masai Mara (Japan)
  • Chevrolet Conference (100 years)
  • Steel Awards (Clive Morris Prod)
  • Disa School documentary project
  • Super 8s Rugby (M Net supersport)
  • Sports and Events Tourism conference
  • Woolworths Cooking Demo (Malapati Prod)
  • Strike Back (Behind the scenes)
  • Big Fish School of digital filmmaking (mentorship)
  • Conservation education DVD for SA National Biodiversity Institute
  • GSM ‘Connect Africa’ use of technology in Africa
  • Okavango Delta: Chiefs Island (hi Def) and Londolozi (hi Def)
  • Coca Cola Africa: corporate CSI DVD
  • WWF SA Enviro filler for MNet TV
  • Seychelles: Eden Island
  • Sea Harvest short documentary
  • Steve Biko Conference UCT
  • Channel 5 UK Zoo Babies
  • Carte Blanche Mnet - Predator Control

Other productions include:

  • "Bridging Waters" - 4 part documentary series on trans-boundary water issues: Southern Africa
  • "investing in Africa" - SADC 2010 promo
  • "It’s not just about dams" - World Commission on Dams
  • "Endangered" – a 26 minute documentary which focuses on projects, headed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, in their efforts to conserve the diversity of life on earth while involving rural people
  • "In search of the mayfly nymph" - Umgeni Water – External Education Services
  • "Paradise under Pressure" - a 52 minute programme exploring the interplay of the local inhabitants of the Maputoland region and their environment (sold to National Geographic)
  • "People, Gorillas and Forests: Ethnobotanical Methods and Multiple-use management in Uganda" - a 27 minute training video produced for WWF to be used in forest management throughout Africa
  • "Africa’s Timeless Story" - a 26 minute educational video for USAID to be used in their SADC Natural Resources Management Program in Southern Africa
  • "Wind, Fire & Water... The Living Table Mountain" - documents the interaction between the living creatures of the mountain and the natural elements that contribute to the dynamics of South Africa’s urban national park
  • "Plants for People" - a 26 minute documentary on the National Botanical Institute
  • "Mazda Wildlife Fund" - a 25 minute documentary showing various wildlife projects taking place around South Africa
  • "Working for Water" - a 26 minute documentary on the reclaiming of water in catchment areas by removing alien vegetation; plus 5 filler programmes focussing on South Africa’s different regions
  • "Saving the Wooden Rhino" – a 26’ training programme for the WWF – "People and Plants" initiative and a 10’ commercial version for British Airways inflights
  • "LIFE" Namibia is a 25 minute insert produced for the LIFE programme which examines how ecotourism in Namibia benefits rural communities and wildlife, focusing on the interdependent relationship between community development and wildlife conservation
  • Promotional videos for 3 of Namibia’s Community-Based Natural Resource Management organisations, sponsored by the WWF programme:
    - Nyae Nyae Conservancy
    - Caprivi Arts & Cultural Association
    - Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation
  • A series of 90 second Electronic Press Kits for 9 of the working groups of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, along with a 7 minute EWT corporate programme for broadcast
  • 12 minute investigative filler programmes for "Carte Blanche" – M Net television, focusing on socio-environmental issues
  • "Tanzania; ‘Unsurpassed Africa’ " - a 15 minute ecotourism video taking the viewer on a journey across the beaches, mountains and open plains of this beautiful country
  • "Tanzania WWF" - focuses on Tanzania’s two newest national parks and Mafia Island
  • "The Kenya Wildlife Service" - a 10 minute international fundraising video
  • K-TV "Roundabout" inserts; Children’s TV; M Net channel
  • We have also produced a series of 10 minute inserts for
    - LEAP (Lebowa Environmental Awareness Programme)
    - MWAF (Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund)
    - Mozambique Govt. Department of Environment
    - Kwazulu Dept. Nature Conservation
  • "A Chance for a Childhood" - 10 minute video on Nazareth House; Cape Town’s only AIDS orphanage
  • "Vanishing Waters" - 26 minute documentary on wetlands of Southern Africa
  • "For a Better World" - 8 minute documentary on developmental projects Nestle SA have been involved in
  • "Alien Fires" - 15 minute documentary on the effect of the January 2000 Cape Peninsula Fires for the Working for Water programme
  • "The Wild Coast... a fragile paradise" - 26 minute socio-environmental documentary on the Transkei/Wildcoast in Eastern Cape
  • "Cape Wetlands" - 15 minute environmental education video on wetlands in Western Cape
  • "50/50 SABC Pondoland Heritage Park" - 20 min environmental documentary
  • "Swimming the Zambezi" - 52 minute on adventurer, Louie Greef's swim down the Zambezi from Zambia to Mozambique
  • "Woolworths Environmental Video" - 5 minute awareness video for staff of Woolworths
  • "Working for Water induction video" - 20 minute training video
  • "Mother’s Hope" - Nazareth House, AIDS/HIV fundraising video (12 min)
  • "Greening the WSSD" - 5 x 5-10 minutes – project sponsored by IUCN, GEF, UNDP and local government to ensure that the Summit was as environmentally responsible as possible; as well as showcasing best practices in around Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • "SACUDE –Problem Based Learning" – 20 min video on teaching methodologies on sustainable development for consortium of international universities
  • "Cape Town Biodiversity video" – showcasing biodiversity initiatives by the City of Cape Town
  • "Working for Water update" - 26 min film on Working for Water Project and the impact of alien vegetation on South Africa’s biodiversity, water and people
  • Filming in “South Luangwa National Park”, Zambia, researching local trackers and herbalists on plant diversity and healing properties of plants
  • Cameraman on international Reality TV series “FEAR FACTOR
  • Director on BrandPower TV Commercials (2004)
  • Cameraman on BBC2 Current Affairs documentary on Zimbabwe (2004)
  • Director/Cameraman for Sky TV and New Zealand TV on “Shark Attack


  • Green Globe Award for the 26 minute video "Wind, Fire, Water - the Living Table Mountain"
  • Eppic Award for the "Best South African Environment Video" for 26 minute documentary “Endangered”